Book Conversion

Book Conversion Services is one of the special services of Data Entry Outsourcing. We are the leading data entry company with several years of industry experience based in India. We have the ability and facility to handle book conversion for your business application.

We have been doing book conversion for many years, and now we provide complete services to both Indian and global clientele. At Data Entry Outsourcing, we accept printed books, web-based articles, paper-based data and manuscripts. The final output is provided in fully electronic format such as e-book, e-brochures, e-research papers, and e-journals.

  • Conversion of books, magazines and catalogues
  • E-Publishing (PDF, HTML and other popular file formats)
  • E-Brochures and journals
  • E-Books
  • E-Research and bookish papers
  • World-class technology at lower rates

Make advantage the book conversion services of Data Entry Outsourcing to format your e-book. As per the requirement, we provide different formats for indentations/paragraphs, page numbers, headings, margins, quotes, footnotes/endnotes, and citations. Full editing and proofing services are also offered.

All the book conversion projects are monitored during the entire process to ensure that it follows our client's requirement. We are capable of handling large-scale book conversion projects, which need highest quality deliverables and fast turnarounds. No negotiation made on the quality and accuracy of the work. We also take pride in providing well-timed delivery of all the services. To maximize the flexibility, we deliver the products according to the requirements of our clients. We are also prepared to deliver them on any electronic media like FTP, DVD, or via e-mail.

Whatever challenges lies in front of us, we are ready to handle it in the best way. Our in-house technical support system permits us to fulfill the changeable needs of our clients. You are assured the best services in the industry.