Copy Paste Services

Copy Paste Services is a core area of Data Entry Outsourcing, a BPO company based in India. Our proficient service and timely completion of assignments are sure to benefit you in all your copy paste data entry requirements. At Data Entry Outsourcing, we are suspicious to give our customers accurate, confidential and exclusive copy paste services. Companies, organizations and individuals who are loaded with a lot of vital data and wish to reduce their workload can avail of our copy paste services.

The extremely talented group of staff at Data Entry Outsourcing can key in your data in record time and with highest accuracy. Our services include moving data from one Microsoft Word window to another, copying data from a website and pasting it into a Word document or any other application as per client’s requirements, copying and pasting data from MS Excel to MS Word and vice versa.

  • Web content copy paste
  • Copy paste into an excel spreadsheet or a database of your choice
  • E-mail addresses
  • Microsoft word to Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel to Microsoft word
  • Website links
  • Reference material copy paste

Periodic guidance and typing tests are given to our staff in order to make them more proficient in rendering copy paste services. Speed and spirit illustrate our workforce. The incredible thing is that you can reward of our services for a reasonable price, among the best in the market. Our copy paste service at Data Entry Outsourcing is facilitated by the state-of-the-art tools we have: the most modern computers, software, scanners and printers along with high speed Internet connectivity.

We can assist you in copy pasting a large number of candidate resumes from one application to another. We can also help in copy pasting e-mail addresses, website links and promotional matter in large volumes. Editors who are bringing out editions of E-books are sure to grow by our quality service. We have a special section to handle copy paste assignments for students who request for website material for reference sake. Besides these, we can provide any other copy paste services you may be looking for.