Data Conversion

Data conversion is a process by which data in one format is translated into another. In current circumstances of business, data conversion has become the stipulation for effective management of an organization. And, if you are in search of a data conversion service provider, then you are at the precise place.

At Data Entry Outsourcing, we have a group of professionals, who have broad experience in successful data conversion. Most pioneering data conversions technologies are used to convert data from one format to another. Thus, we guarantee 100% accuracy with least TAT (Turn Around Time), irrespective of the size of the job. To meet the dissimilar needs, we keep updating our technology. Apart from data conversion, we also recognize the challenges of formatting the data, as per the clients’ requirements.

  • Paper documents to digital formats
  • Data conversion from databases into any format
  • Text to PDF conversion
  • PDF to MS word
  • PDF to Microsoft Access
  • Data conversion from MS word to html
  • Extracting data from catalog
  • e Book conversion

Our OCR service and file clean-up services are designed to realistically reproduce books, questionnaires, periodicals, journals, manuals, and hand written materials into electronic formats. We are prepared with high-end scanners and the best OCR technologies to meet the various needs of our clients across the world. Our multilingual OCR software recognizes a large variety of fonts in different languages. By utilizing this capability, we can clean up your OCR up to 99.99% accuracy and convert into a format of your choice. The cost of OCR cleanup jobs varies depending on the quality and nature of the written text being scanned.

As an expert in the field of data conversion, Data Entry Outsourcing understands the need of customizations, and work according to the clients’ requirements and needs. Depending on your convenience, you can send the data on CDs, CD-ROM, tape, or through email. We convert data in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, XML, WordPerfect, Microsoft, Database, ASCII, Binary, Microsoft SQL Server, PDF, and HTML formats. After the data conversion, the final result is delivered either in DVD, CD, email, or directly uploaded through the FTP server.