Image Processing

Image processing services is a sophisticated form of information processing in which both input and output are images like video frames or photos. Image processing finds use in many fields such as solving recognition problems in forensic medication, creating climate maps from satellite images etc. Image processing in businesses refers to a software resolution that enables organizations and businesses to capture, process and access product images successfully.

Image processing involves a variety of steps such as: capture, categorization, extraction, validation and export. Image processing services features include estimation of the image, filtering, prioritization, detection of changes, 2D and 3D visualization, automated feature mining and automated quality assessment. Image processing helps businesses to improve, control and optimize product images for an excellent online catalog or any other promotional purpose. Images and documents captured in a storage area can be integrated with the business process management. This information stored can be accessed whenever required.

  • Virtual image files
  • Image distortion, coloring and editing
  • Image solidity
  • Image improvement
  • Image filtering
  • Interactive image processing atmosphere
  • Flexible solutions to suit image processing requirements
  • Processed images can be uploaded directly or through optical medium
  • Security and confidentiality of documents ensured

Image processing services at Data Entry Outsourcing makes use of superior technology and image scanning procedures to make sure maximum security and confidentiality for your documents. We take care to provide a backup of every digital image in case of loss of data at any stage. You are sure to benefit from our high volume document and image scanning, our professional staff and quality control actions. Image processing, just as document processing, has become vital in the modern world. At Data Entry Outsourcing, we provide image scanning, indexing, data conversion, and archiving services for organizations and businesses. Our image processing services can convert information provided on micrographics, paper and other media into various digital formats on a variety of media. Image processing guarantees increased productivity, reduced costs and extended capabilities for all kinds of businesses.