OCR Services

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services of the leading business processing outsource companies in India, offers a broad range of data management services. Our services include data entry, data capture, data conversion, data processing and more. We serve data management services to insurance companies, hospitals, banks, small and large business and many other organizations. For data capturing or data collection, we use high-end Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems. With our swift OCR systems, we can ensure cost-effective data management solutions.

Data capturing through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is accurate and more rapidly than manual data entry. We use OCR systems incorporated with an optical scanner and modern OCR software. Our OCR systems can automatically fed, read and sort data. Our state-of-art OCR system can differentiate between image and text, analyze each character and change it to electronic ASCII codes. It can handle different type of documents. Using OCR systems we can capture data from hand-written documents, microfilms, printed documents, image files and more. Our OCR systems can capture data from whole documents or from selected part of documents.

  • Convert scanned image data into digital text files
  • Latest scanning tools
  • Documents will be scanned to standard TIFF, PDF or other formats as per client’s requirements
  • Materials can be processed either as single-page text files or as multi-page text files
  • Magazines, directories, journals and periodicals
  • Insurance, Medical, Banking and Survey forms

At Data Entry Outsourcing, we use OCR systems that can be used with many printing techniques. Our OCR system reduces data entry errors and handle huge amount of data. Our OCR systems recognize a variety of typewritten documents. It has the ability to recognize column of text with minimum user interference. Our OCR systems work with different type of scanners such as flat-bed, sheet-fed and hand-held scanners. We use onsite document scanning for susceptible and important documents.

Using high-end OCR systems, we can capture information from magazines, books, mail order catalogues, old paper files, forms, address labels, bills and receipts. We have an expert team of OCR editors. They check the quality and accuracy of documented files. The audited data is formatted and send back to the client.

At Data Entry Outsourcing, we ensure the confidentiality and safety of data. We offer precise data management services with rapid turnaround time.